Get PDF Le sacré dans la logique interne dun système juridique (Ouverture philosophique) (French Edition)

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I apologize if this issue has already been brought up and dismissed in this forum, but why is it not common practice to "wikify" create linked versions of texts on Wikisource? For instance, an article such as Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement for Burundi would be infinitely more valuable if it had links within the article to Wikipedia articles such as and articles about other parties mentioned in the article.

We would essentially be creating annotated versions of the texts; anyone who wanted extra information on a particular topic mentioned could just click on the topic and be transferred to Wikipedia.

Derniers numéros

Does anyone else think this would be useful? I believe the copyright belongs to the Hebrew Univerity of Jerusalem.

Ever wondered how languages are distributed in wikisource? I have run a little poll "Random page" was clicked times. For the past week, I've been using a bot to automate a couple mundane tasks. ThomasV pointed out that this obscures the Recent Changes history. So I have requested status as a bot, which can be hidden from the RC list. Does anyone object to this status request, or to me running such a bot? About me: I've been working on setting up a template structure for copyright status notices, which is why I became interested in having a bot.

I have many thousands of edits on wikipedia. Wolfman , 25 Mar UTC. I think there is no objection to this request. Marc , 25 Mar UTC. The template image is displayed in each category. If you are knowledgeable about copyright, please have a glance at the links below to make sure the templates are accurate. Template names are the same as the category, e. Using the template automatically assign the category. I'm looking for feedback on the first three days of entries I know there are a lot more than that!

Specifically, for existing WS texts that are old enough to be hard to read due to archaic spelling, punctuation, etc. It seems like this should be legit, since this is basically a kind of translation which is legit , but I thought I'd ask in case anyone knows of any existing guidelines.

Etienne Klein - De quoi le vide est-il plein ?

It seems like having modernized versions of things would add to the usefulness of WS, as long as people don't do it frivolously, for texts that don't really need it. If the above is OK, I see no reason why modernized versions can't be generated wiki-style. Someone could generate a page for the modernized version, which would start as simply the original version, and other users can make modernizations later.

  • Talmid: Bread (The TALMID Trilogy Book 2).
  • Bloc-notes : libérer la France de sa prison intellectuelle.
  • Body-Modification als Zeichen des Lebensbewusstseins und der Rebellion (German Edition);

I just made a template that could be put at the top of such pages: Template:Modernize. What do people think? Any suggestions are v. Hi, I've uploaded an essay i wrote about Wikipedia to Wikisource here. I have just heard from an active Wikipedian that original research might be banned from Wikisource, just as it is in Wikipedia.

Is this the case? Actually, what prompted me to upload my essay was another essay about WP here , which was mentioned and linked to in the latest edition of Quarto. Could someone clarify for me what the actual position is? I'd also like to know about setting up a page that has limited editability so that I can write my dissertation there while getting feedback as it progresses. I feel this is a new form of researching that wikis offer and that might interest other wikipedians.

  1. Études juridiques comparatives et internationalisation du droit.
  2. Religion, identités européennes laïques et intégration européenne | Eurozine;
  3. Tears of a Son.
  4. Violence et médiation. Théorie de la segmentarité ou pratiques juridiques en Kabylie.
  5. 51 Shades of Maggie, Dublin Style: A Dublin Parody of 50 Shades of Grey (Maggie Muff Trilogy)?
  6. Tax Convention with Hungary.
  7. Time Fall.
  8. Let me know what you think. Cormaggio , 28 Mar UTC. Hi, Can someone make a short summary of what is this about?


    Just curious. Thanks in advance. Yann , 1 Apr UTC. Il serait utile de faire des liens entre les pages respectives de chaque langue. Yann , 29 Mar UTC. I propose to improve the Policies and guidelines , which should be translated in sevral langages. It would be good to link these pages to the respective equivalent in other langages. Marc , 29 Mar UTC. For heaven's sake, people, it's an ancient, venerable text, you might as well go around deleting the bible. Plus I need it to expand en:Ashtadhyayi.

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    Can some admin please restore it?? I'm sorry I don't spend a lot of time on ws, and I don't know how you handle VfD and stuff, but this is supposed to be a daughter project to Wikipedia, right?

    So you shouldn't just delete texts under my ass while I'm working on an article, right right? The page was never deleted. Someone did move it. I found the link on his user contribution page with a different set of diacritics. It is also an orphan text which hasn't been altered since November. A person who can't remember where he put an article should be apologetic to the sysops in general for his complaints; this attitude did not assume good faith.

    Eclecticology , 30 Mar UTC. For those not in the known, this is a Sanskrit grammar, and maybe the oldest grammar of the world. I did, however, not "forget" where I put the article. An interwiki link points to it from en:Ashtadhyayi. Somebody removed it on grounds of being "dead" [4].

    I checked this, at the time sitting at some windows box, and sure enough the link didn't work. What was I to assume, knowing that it had worked earlier?

    French-English Dictionary (35,273 Entries)

    Is it possible that due to some Unicode issue on en: , the link would not work on certain platforms? Wikisource is of course innocent of all this, it is either Microsoft's fault, or en:'s. I am extremely excited to see an effort like this one working to collect so many works in digital form that, over the years, may become otherwise lost or decaying in moldering basements. In order for an effort like this to survive the ages no matter what becomes of the internet or the service hosting this excellent site, I believe it is important to include an offline backup of the entire contents of the site.

    This backup would help ensure that the knowledge captured here will survive no matter what becomes of the team currently maintaining it.

    Anthropologie et philosophie : un double retour au fondement - Persée

    Is there any way to download a backup copy of Wikisource? Is there a way to make a static copy that requires no database or server-side code to show? Is there a way to get a copy of the Wikisource data that runs on a local machine or perhaps future PDAs? Wide and open distribution is a very effective method to ensure that the excellent information stored here isn't lost from the knowledge of the world due to some small technical issue.

    I'm very interested in learning more about how the contents of Wikisource can be backed up, archived, and redistributed elsewhere. Thank you for the response. I think the key to my concern is: how can I and other concerned readers get a full copy of the work here to spread it even further? I am trying to think of ways to keep this material around for 50, , even years. Only through highly distributed copies in an open and accessible format can we hope for the work here to survive that long.

    JeluF said that he will take care of that. So we should have a RC bot soon. This is something quite specific to Wikisource. This is no Wiki code for easy syntax for texts in verse. Marc , 1 Apr UTC. Marc , 7 Apr UTC. D'accord, je ne m'y connais pas beaucoup dans ce domaine. That means even more than we need a specific syntax for texts in verse.

    Could someone make a more precise technical definition to the developers of what we need? Yann , 7 Apr UTC. I added a new class in MediaWiki:Monobook.