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Meanwhile, God has sent out a search party to get Satan out of the Garden, which is easy as pie. The next day, God sends the angel Raphael to talk to Adam and Eve about Satan and whatever else they might want to know. About a week after Adam's chat with Raphael, Satan returns to the Garden, disguises himself as a serpent snake , and convinces Eve to eat the Forbidden Fruit. She in turn convinces Adam to have a taste.

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After that, they have steamy, lustful sex for the first time. As a result of Adam and Eve's sin eating the Forbidden Fruit , the gates of Hell are now wide open for Sin and Death who are actual characters in this poem to build a bridge from Hell to earth. Satan returns to Hell triumphant, but he and his angels are eventually turned into serpents as punishment for Satan's evil deed. He also introduces death, labor pains, and a bunch of other not-so-fun stuff into the world.

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Before they leave Paradise, however, God sends the angel Michael down to give Adam a vision of the future. After his history lesson, Adam and Eve leave the Garden of Eden in what is one of the saddest moments in English literature. All rights reserved.

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