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Narrative poem by Ovid. This article is about the poem by Ovid. For other uses, see Metamorphoses disambiguation. Ovid's relation to the Hellenistic poets was similar to the attitude of the Hellenistic poets themselves to their predecessors: he demonstrated that he had read their versions Main article: Cultural influence of Metamorphoses. No work from classical antiquity, either Greek or Roman , has exerted such a continuing and decisive influence on European literature as Ovid's Metamorphoses. The emergence of French , English , and Italian national literatures in the late Middle Ages simply cannot be fully understood without taking into account the effect of this extraordinary poem.

The only rival we have in our tradition which we can find to match the pervasiveness of the literary influence of the Metamorphoses is perhaps and I stress perhaps the Old Testament and the works of Shakespeare. University of California, Santa Cruz. Retrieved 15 April Commentary by Wilmon Brewer.

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The World of Ovid's Metamorphoses. For Taoists, the snake is well-known for its vibrant cultivation of Primordial-Qi Energy which becomes activated throughout the chakra-system as the spiral movement of the Great Kundalini, or Serpent Energy. For Taoists many times this serpentine-like energy becomes intertwined with the symbol of the tortoise, which represents longevity. This suitably depicts the merging of Wisdom and Primordial Qi.

As we know from past blog posts here, this is indeed a True Alchemy of Mastery over the samsaric elements via the Self-Transformation of our innate wholeness in the Unborn. We have also seen how the Five Dhyani Buddhas serve as a catalyst in this spiritual enterprise as they transmute the negative energies of the five-skandhas into the Clear Light of the Tathagatas. In Unborn I Ching these Five Tathagatas serve a similar function in that they make up the Six Trigrams that constitute the core of this particular I Ching-system; the following is a representation of this singular trigramic pattern:.

Of course, this unique version of the I Ching is not intended to be a new form of literal translation of this august ancient text, but rather it is a new visioning that reflects the core principles found within Unborn Mind Zen. As such it represents a spiritual language that is esoterically expressed in these symbols.

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In this fashion, it is hoped that the Unborn I Ching will help to empower those aspiring adepts who are inclined towards and attuned with our mystical tradition to grow ever deeper through the guidance of the Primordial Mentor in the ways of the Unborn. It perhaps should be noted that when the tortoise retracts its head, there will be an audible hiss. It would be interesting if you shared a bit of your inward journey in this last retreat…any insights or difficulties you encountered.

I know I am not the only one who sees value in this if you are willing. Your email address will not be published. Twenty Ten Dark by Seismic Themes. UnbornMind Zen. Skip to content.


The following image depicts his eightfold trigram: Later, these eight trigrams were paired in what formed the 64 hexagrams of the Yi Jing System. This tortoise motif will be an accompanying image throughout our own series on the Unborn I Ching and will be represented as such: The Lankavatarian-Dhyani Buddha Connection: Back in February of there was a blog post here entitled The Year of the Black Naga.

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