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(And Other Stories)

Pick the side you fight for in this exciting third free season of content which includes hundreds of new items and updates for all three modes of Black Ops 4 , including a Specialist making her Black Ops 4 debut, new playable destinations across the Blackout map, two brand-new Multiplayer maps, a redesigned and restocked Black Market, and much more. Provide overwatch for your heist crew with Outrider, the powerful Specialist making her Black Ops 4 debut in Blackout and Multiplayer. Unlock new outfits and personalization accessories in the Black Market exclusively for the Brazilian Specialist.

Drop into the roughest, toughest, and wildest new location, Ghost Town , which features two new destinations featuring the classis map Outlaw above ground, and the chilling Zombies map Buried below ground.

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Plus, Operation Grand Heist brings new challenges and continued releases to Blackout throughout the Operation. Experience the chaos of an exotic sportscar robbery gone wrong in Casino, then get mixed up in a raid to destroy evidence in Lockup. But, as fun as Glane is, he feels akin to other con-men tropes, with witty banter, oozing charm, all while being a lovable rogue.

But if you placed any other famous con-man character here, the story would feel the same. The crowds seen will have you constantly checking pockets for content.

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Or, even your back for knives, due to the multitude of assassins. But in some moments, the busy panels become a tad much, obscuring things that transpire.

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The few segments of high octane violence keep the pace the story strives for, as these moments are fun while making you crave more. Helping the busy panels stand out are the contracting colors by Vittorio Astone.

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Usually, planets consisting of thieves have landscapes that are presented as grayish and dull. As thriving as the crowds are, the world and people never make noise. Although it does feel clustered at some parts, Heist 1 is a great first issue. Proving that Vault Comics is one of the top publishers at the moment. If this piques your interest, check out, Heist 1 when it releases November 6.

HEIST #1 – Crazy Story, Crazy Art, This Just Might Work

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