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This is a book that could change your life.

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Informed yet accessible, with humor and humility, Bush offers poignant wisdom relevant to any life season, but especially to those times in which we are laid most bare. To me, this book will always be a timely, needed, and reorienting read.

The Undefended Life — "My Calvary Road," Reading 1

Carolyn Weber, professor, speaker, and author of Surprised by Oxford and Holy is the Day Forged in the fires of dryness, discouragement, and pain, Daniel Bush writes from experience: his defenses burned down, his soul exposed to his own weakness and vulnerability. He writes broken by an acute awareness of unfulfilled needs and the struggle to surrender to his heavenly Father. Her audience is found in Fortune companies, concert venues, bookstores, and living rooms around the world.

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The Undefended Leader [9781903689646]

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The Undefended Life

When you use these affiliate links, both you and I and your friends financially benefit. My mission is to assist you in reflecting, reframing and rephrasing your life by allowing your thoughts, behaviors, choices and outcomes to manifest into the life you know you are here to live. With extensive experience in Life Coaching, Holistic Therapies, Investigative Mythology, the Esoteric, Reflexive Listening and a vast history of client success, my individualized approach will help you empower those parts of you that have been disempowered.

If you are willing to be open hearted and honest, and allow your life to be lived from the Soul's perspective, then when you are truly ready to be your authentic undefended self, only then I will be willing and ready to work with you.