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About the Author Steve Ross writes fiction that is both comedic and thought-provoking. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. When two of the galaxy's most ancient and powerful races clash, it's When two of the galaxy's most ancient and powerful races clash, it's up to Earth's Mightiest Heroes to play cosmic peacekeepers! With Earth in the crossfire, the Avengers are drawn into the conflict - and end up View Product.

Before the tragic event that made him seek refuge in a remote corner of Michigan's Before the tragic event that made him seek refuge in a remote corner of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Alex McKnight was a Detroit police officer.

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It's a warm summer night, and Alex is out riding the night shift with his partner Earth X Trilogy Omnibus: Omega. Alex Ross' dark vision of the Marvel Universe's future concludes!

Captain Marvel led a charge Captain Marvel led a charge against Death -and killed her! Now no one will ever die again. They may writhe in pain, their bodies broken beyond repair From the survivor of ten Nazi concentration camps who went on to create the New From the survivor of ten Nazi concentration camps who went on to create the New England Holocaust Memorial, a devastating On August 14, , two days after a white-supremacist Shit, that's horrible.

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Just waiting to have it, waiting to have it, when's it going to come? When's the labor pains going to come? You have labor pains, but you have them for three weeks and you're pissing your pants and you have labor pains and everything. And all of a sudden, ah! I love that shit. I love it and hate it, but I love it. What is your relationship with the subjects of your books?

I wrote a book called The Esai Poems because he's my son and I wanted to capture part of his growing up.

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It's personal experience. There is just the spirit that I am inhabiting at the moment of composition. That's why I keep going back to it, because I mean, I write something and I'm completely subsumed by it. I'm consumed. I'm just blown away by its power. It's phenomenal. I love poetry. When you put stuff in front of it, we know what it really means is how many people have given that person awards and a person normally gets awards from people who we have attired our taste to their needs and that's not good: I'm going to make you feel comfortable because I'm going to write poetry that's going to make you feel comfortable.

I'm going to take my poetry and I'm going to write it to your needs of comfort. When you read my poetry, you're going to say, "Wow, this is good," and you're going to give me an award. But if I write poetry that says we should burn your house down and take all your money and distribute it among the poor, I'm not a great poet because you're not going to give me any award, because I'm not writing to your needs, to feed your needs.

You need to stop feeding the needs of those who are in a position to judge you… well, nine times out of ten, the person writing will bend down and surrender to the critics; it's that one person who doesn't, who continues to write great work. Jaime Sabines, for instance.


He wrote great work. That guy never got a big award and yet women at the mercado were paraphrasing his poems, cab drivers, bellhops. What is it, if he's not great? If every Mexican in Mexico is reading his poems and reciting them? They're not reciting Paz, they're not reciting any of the academics. They're reciting this guy, but nobody wanted to give him a significant award.

Because Ilan Stavans did not make a critique of his work?! Laughs There's a whole society, a whole secret society that tries to legitimize you as a poet. You don't need that. When you write a poem and you read it to somebody and that person says, "You clothed to my heart in your words," you know you're a poet, you know you're doing your job, you know you're doing your duty.

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You're not doing it to appease some sense of insecurity in the rich; you're doing it to heal the heart of the poor. Writing, for me, you have to adjust your life to it. Life has to adjust itself to your writing. Instead of, "Man, life is so hairy that my poetry has a hard time to get in.

God, I've got to quit writing so much," but we're always on the other end of it saying, "Shit, man, life is all around me. I can't write. The answer is real simple. You've got to make life on the outside fit the inside. So there you have it. I write out of cowardice, I write out of courage, I write out of everything. I write out of not knowing how to write. I just write with the fascination of a child. I guess, for me, it's always been trying to get back to the most basic sight that a child looks upon, a weed or an ant, what is that?

What is that thing that a child sees when it looks at an ant or the first time a kid runs out and sees a grasshopper? What is that? What is the wind doing, the trees, and the sun in the sky when that person, that little kid, looks at the grasshopper?

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I want all of these other players involved, but by the time we get older, the ego has grown so much that it's only us involved, us and the grasshopper, but back then it wasn't. Back then, the sky spoke, the trees were our sisters, and the earth reached up and held us, and then the grasshopper appeared. That's what makes a child so beautiful. As a poet, what is your sense of the historic? The immigrant is there to create the parody of ourselves. That's why we hate him, because he's laughing at the myth that we've created.

The immigrant is saying, "Look, I have no food in my hand," but the myth that you've created says everybody is fed, isn't it? And the guy hates it. They should also be able to wobble along the major axis while simultaneously rolling on the minor axis. And all of this should be dampened appropriately by rolling physics. Other shapes just don't test rolling contact as well.

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A wheel or ball is a trivial problem, unless the mass is non-uniformly distributed. And let me tell you from personal experience, manually working out the inertia tensor for even a simple object of non-uniform density is a major waste of programmer time. Furthermore, a wheel or ball never breaks contact with the ground, even if non-uniformly weighted or given massive impulse.

A box or other flat-sided object is just going to flip over onto the next size, rock back and forth, and stop rolling at all. You could go with an irregular object like a lumpy rock , but then it gets much harder to predict what it should do when rolled.

Meet the chemical that is detonating Chinese watermelons.

Okay, I know nothing about gaming, but watermelons had a similarly-unexplained cameo in the movie Buckaroo Banzaii. During a similarly tense moment, one characters spots a watermelon hooked up to a monitor and asks another character about it, and the second character just says "I'll tell you later.

Watermelons are used as an analog of humans. We're mostly water contained within a skin, and so are watermelons. It's just the bones that are missing. R Lee Ermey has 'killed' hundreds if not thousands on his show Mail Call while demonstrating various weapons. So the idea of using them for target practice has been out there for awhile and was probably picked up for video games, which has been successful because of all the technology reasons referenced above. Cf Buckeroo Banzai?

New Jersey: "What's that watermelon doing there? I too believe this to be an allusion to Buckaroo Bonzai in which the watermelon was there to annoy the producer.

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Watermelons are pretty cool to shoot at when you have a good physics engine. The movies Ghost in the Shell and The Matrix may have influenced it's popularity. Is it an in-joke? Im not sure. I dont remember any watermelons in HL2 but then again I played it when it came out years ago. I feel like all 3D games have four or five token "set decoration" items like the same chair, the same table, the same piece of space garbage, and the same random thing like a watermelon or a crutch or a broken doll.

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Im guessing the guy who does a lot of the interior decoration isnt a high priority, so he just makes the required objects and a few decorative objects and calls it a day. No game reviewer is going to complain about a big empty room, as long as you can shoot zombies in it. Too much decoration probably gets in the way of shooting things, not to mention many games have horrible edge detection fallout3 im looking at you.

You dont want to piss off players by having their well-placed headshots blocked by chandeliers and chairs. As much as I would love to see games with more realistic interiors and objects, Im guessing the laws of economics means we can have these excellent spaces but only with a much smaller game world.