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Where can i get more coupons? Are you aloud to print coupons in black in white or do they have to be in color? Is there a limit of coupons you can use in a purchase? Do the coupons have to be for that certain store?

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Hi Samantha, I am not an expert by any means to couponing, but I do know the answers to some of the questions that you have! The difference between a Store coupon and Manufacture coupon is basically who issues the coupon. The coupons will say at that top what type of coupon they are. The easiest way to get coupons is online, there are a million places to find them and they are free but limited to how many you can print. Also, try asking friends and neighbor that receive the weekly papers to save their inserts for you. There are limits to the coupons that you can use per purchase, this usually depends on the coupon and the stores policy.

How to Start Couponing: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

I have found that a general rule for the stores is 3 like coupons. Also, the stores policy always trumps what the coupon says. If you have a store coupon and a manufacture coupon you can combine them.

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Kroger is a little tricky though because the coupons that are added to your card are not doubled and do not combine with manufacture coupons. I personally have found that the best place to combine coupons is at Target. The only time a coupon has to be for a specific store is when it says so. Most stores do accept coupons, its just a matter of finding the best deal. July 24, at pm. July 15, at pm. July 5, at am. I have a question though. July 18, at pm. That particular coupon is worded strangely.

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  • I was only able to use it if I bought 2 Herbal Essence products. Therefore the B1G1 would not be able to be used with it. July 4, at am. July 1, at pm. At my Kroger, they only allow maybe 4 of the same product to be doubled. One time, they had Heinz Ketchup on sale for 1. How do people use alot more than that?

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    Are there certain stores that are unlimited on how many coupons they accept on one product? Or do they have to use separate transactions? June 30, at am. It may not sound like much but I have a family of 8 including my family of 3 kids, and my mother, brothers. June 29, at am. Amanda , As far as places to get coupons, there are several places. Look in the store for peelies, blinkies, tearpads, and coupon booklets. You can also try emailing the manufacturer of your favorite products to see if they will send you coupons.

    June 28, at pm. I am having a real hard time with this couponing thing not becuase I cant find coupons but because I cant seem to find coupons for things I actually need and use in my household. I end up throwing out a lot of coupons becuase it would simply be a waiste of money for me to buy something I dont use just beacasue I get a great deal on it.

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    What do you suggest I do? I regularly visit Hotcouponworld. My sunday paper comes in handy from time to time but not much. Ivy , Watch for my coupon rounds, I post them almost daily with the latest coupons.

    I find a wide variety of coupons — you would probably find a few you can use. You can always try emailing the manufacturers of the products you do use to see if they will send you coupons. June 23, at pm. I was probably about 3 and my mom was pushing my through the grocery store in the cart. Sure enough it was for the right item. My mom said it was so cute she had to get it for me. June 24, at pm.

    How to Start Couponing for Beginners: 12222 Guide

    My kids always tell me we can go to Chuck E. Cheese because they find those coupons in the paper, lol! June 21, at pm.

    Can you use a coupon, for ex that is oscar mayer with fruit lunchable to buy an oscar mayer without fruit. I get confused about which coupons I can use with all the varieties of one product. June 20, at pm. I too am just starting out with using coupons. Ive used them several times, but never when doing anything other than fast food and cigarettes yes I know, nasty habbit.

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    • I did read that you can use a coupon on products on sale, I was wondering if that includes cigarettes? Ive never been the one to actually try to buy them, it has been my husband, but hes tried twice now, and has been told both times that they are not allowed to do that anymore, but wont say why or who tells them that. I have been couponing for about 2 months now, but one thing still confuses me every time!

      This one confuses me every single time! I loved your artical so much, i shared it on my blog!!!! I am so new to couponing, I clipped my first coupon this last Wednesday, and bought my first 10 papers today!! June 19, at am. I was just wondering if anyone knew what this means and what in the world are the limitations to such a coupon?

      I know the barcode is pretty much the rules to the coupon but why would they do that? Thanks Mica. Mica , You always go by the wording on the coupon — not the barcode. It is directed to the retailer to prevent them from submitting for double the coupon value. June 16, at pm. June 16, at am. I am in love with the idea of how much money can be saved on grocery shopping by couponing. Can anyone help me? Jess , Printable coupons are very popular, also I like free homemailers and coupons you find in the store like blinkies and peelies.

      June 15, at pm. Love this site. The matchups are a great resource. I LOVE this website. Reading this helped, my mom discouraged me from getting to involved with couponing, because none of the stores where i live double coupons. So thats why i just spent maybe, 15 minutes thinking and clipping coupons from my sunday paper. I know. Just look for the higher value coupons and you will still get great savings. June 8, at pm. Thank you so much for this site first of all: just wanna let yall know that I started collecting my coupons a couple of weeks ago and today finally got the supplies and started my binder.

      But my husband and I will be driving to Bryan Texas to shop at the Kroger there. How many shopping trips do u normally make in a month? And even if we can only go to Kroger once a month and do our other shopping at Walmart or HEB that will be fine I suppose. Again thanks for all of the great tips and advice. I am just getting started on couponing. We live in a small town with not many coupons in our paper.